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Department de Beni

Climate: Totally tropical with humid climate.

Height : 236 meters on the level of the sea.

The department of Beni is located to the northeast of the Republic of Bolivia, limited the north with the Pando department of and the Republic of Brazil, to the south with the departments of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz; to the east with Brazil and Santa Cruz and to the West with Pando and La Paz. It has an extension of 213,654 Km2 and one population of 276,174 inhabitants (1992 census).

The capital of the department is the city of Trinidad (236 m.s.n.m.) located between 1445'20 " of South latitude and 6448' of west longitude of the meridian of Greenwich. It is characterized to have ample plains covered by pastizales and a series of lagoons of regular forms. Throughout the territory smooth undulations and some rocky outcrops appear, as well as a dense forest in the zone standing up of mount, counts on 8 provinces and 48 cantones.

San Borja
Catedral Beni
Mascara de madera - San Inacio de Moxos

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