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Department de Chuquisaca

Climate: The department of located Chuquisaca this to 2790 meters on the level of the sea with a climate tempered in valleys of the north, center and southwest; warm in the northeast zone and this.

The department of Chuquisaca is located to the south of the Republic of Bolivia; it limits the north with the departments of Potosí, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz; to the south with the department of Tarija; to the west with the department of Santa Cruz and the Republic of Paraguay and to the west in the department of Potosí. It has an extension of 51.524 km2 and one population of 453.756 inhabitants (census 1992). The capital of the department is the city of Sucre (2750 m.s.n.m.) located between 19º 3 ' 2 " of South latitude and 65º 47 ' 25 " of west longitude of the meridian of Greenwich, counts on 10 provinces and 118 cantones.

The Mountain range of The Andes and mountain ranges of little elevation run by the territory of the department of Chuquisaca; it participates in the river basin of the Amazon and the Silver.

Agriculture: The department produces: maize, wheat, barley, Popes, legumbres, hortalizas, and fruits in tempered climate valleys and citruses in its semiwarm and warm zones.

Cattle ranch: The bovine cattle like the pig, goat and ovine acquires importance.

Mining: It has copper, silver and antimony.

Ciudad de Chuquisaca
Iglesia la Recoleta
Salon de la Independencia
Ciudad de Chuquisaca
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