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Department de La Paz

Height : 3649 meters on the level of the sea.

Climate : The department of La Paz presents/displays varied climates: cold in the plateau and puna brava, cold polestar over the 5000 meters of height with perpetual snows like the snowed one of Chacaltaya; tempering from the 2000 to 3400 meters, warm one of the 500 to 2000 meters of tropical height and in the amazonian plains of the north of the department.The Climate in the city and mountains from -5 to 18 C° like average and in yungas paceños from 20 to 25 C°.

La Paz is located to the northwest of Bolivia with an extension of 133,985 Km.2, its capital is the city of La Paz, central seat of the government located to 3640 meters on the level of the sea, its limits are: to the north with Pando; to the south with Oruro; to the east with Beni and Cochabamba and to the west with the Republics of Peru and Chile.

68°08'00 " of west longitude of the Meridian of Greenwich is located between 16°30'00 " of South latitude and. The department of La Paz has approximately 1.900.786 inhabitants (1992 census). It is divided in 20 provinces and 272 cantones.

The department of La Paz is divided in three geographic zones: The altiplánica zone formed by the region of Lago Titicaca, Island of the Sun, Island of the Moon and the one of Suriki, is the most humid region of the Andean high plan (650 mm of pluvial, average precipitation annual).

The subAndean zone, formed by the northeast flank of the Real or Eastern Mountain range that descends until level the tropical ones from the north, its climate is humid and gives rise to a exuberante vegetation. This zone is commonly well-known like the Yungas.

The Amazonian zone, is contiguous with the departments of Beni and Pando, tropic of exuberante vegetation that makes of this zone an appropriate place for the ecological tourism of adventure and.

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