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Department de Pando

Height: 280 meters on the level of the sea.

Climate:Temperature very pleasant average of 26,6 degrees for the strolls by the environs.

The department of Pando is located to the north of the Republic of Bolivia; limited the north with the Republic of Brazil; to the south with La Paz; to the east with the department of Beni and the Republic of Brazil and to the west with the Republic of Peru. Has an extension of 63,827 Km2. And a population of 38,078 inhabitants (census 1992).The capital of the department is the city of Cobija west longitude of the meridian of Greenwich, with a height average of 280 meters on the level of the sea, has a ondulante topographic formation, counts on 5 provinces and 51 cantones.

Agriculture : The climate of the Pando department of by the own characteristics of the tropical zone account with cultures of: maize, cacao, coffee, yucca or mandioca, tropical rice, fruits, legumbres and hortalizas.

Cattle ranch : Thanks to the fertility of its earth the cattle ranch is an important activity for the inhabitants of the region.

Mining : The presence of gold, lithium has settled down, cinnabar, ilmenita, bauxite, columbita, precious precious stones and semi.

Fishing : The rivers are habitat of a great variety of fish like him; pacú, surubí, golden, palometa, sábalo, catfish and egg.

At the moment Cobija depends more on the mining of gold and the production of almonds, most of which it is sold to Brazil.

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