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Department de Potosi

Height: 4000 meters of altitude above sea level.

Climate: The climate of departametno of Potosí is cold, with exception of valleys nailed between the mountains whose climate is tempered. One of the zones you cold more of Bolivia is the one of the Salar de Uyuni, where the temperature descends below cero in the winter to -30°C. The potosino plateau is characterized to have little precipitation.

The department of located Potosí this to the southwest of the Republic of Bolivia; it limits the north with the departments of Oruro and Cochabamba; to the south with the republic of Argentina; to the east with the departments of Chuquisaca and Tarija and to the west with the Republic of Chile, the city is the skirts of the Eastern Mountain range of the Andes, with a height of 4000 meters of height, exactly 4067 in the main seat is next to the city of Lhaassa in Tibet, the highest city of the world.

Has an extension of 118,218 Km2. and a poblción of 645,889 inhabitants (census 1992). The capital of the department is the city of Potosí (4,070 m.s.n.m.) located between 16°30'30 " of South latitude and 68°112'00 " of longgitud the west of the meridian of Greenwich. To the northeast of the department, the lowest zone of the plateau, is the impressive Salar de Uyuni.

All this region is characterized by the presence of geysers, fumarolas, colcánicos, flowing mud of hot waters and sulphur mines. The aggressive landscape of the Occdental mountain range is clarified by the presence of lagoons and valleys nailed between mountains. The department of Potosí counts on 16 provinces and 301 corners.

Casa de la Moneda
Casa de la Moneda

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